The Benefits Of Strength Training and The Keto Diet

The Macros:

Winning the battle of weight-loss means knowing your opponent. It also means knowing how to out-maneuver that opponent. In the case of keeping healthy bones and muscles, your opponent is your aging body. As you age, and lose both bone and muscle in the process, it’s important to work actively against that process.

Strength and Resistance training offer you that one-two punch to knock your opponent off its feet. By practicing a regimen of low-impact cardio, paired with strength and resistance training, your body will counteract the process of muscle and bone loss, and continue to become stronger and healthier.

Winning The Losing Battle

No matter who you are, you are a strong person to be committed to the Keto Diet lifestyle. Also, no matter who you are, you will need to work hard to keep your physical strength as you progress through life. Of course, there is no magic exercise that will delay the aging process, but exercise can help to keep you feeling young and energized.

Starting at age 40, you will begin losing 1 percent of your muscle mass every year. This somewhat startling statistic means that as you age, you will have to work hard to simply maintain your muscle. This means it’s time to start moving, now!

Strength training and resistance training are essential to a well-rounded exercise regimen. And with all of the benefits they offer, it’s no wonder that more and more people are taking the time to lift weights.  Strength training helps to:

  • Tone Muscle
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Build Strong Bones
  • Increase your Lifespan

How 90 Seconds Will Make You Stronger

With a lighter regimen, you can spend as little as a half hour a day on resistance and strength training. Some experts go as far as to recommend as little as 90 seconds, twice a week. This requires a different type of lifting from the slow and steady.

“Lifting to muscle failure” requires you to do only 10 to 15 reps, but you will need to lift a weight that is heavy enough that you are physically unable to keep lifting after this point. By doing this, you will convince your body that you are not strong enough. When your body gets the message that it needs more muscle, it begin to work to build more muscle.

Surprising as it may be, you don’t need a gym membership to strength training. Squats, pushups, and other body resistance methods are just as effective as hand held weights or weight machines.

Rev Up Your Metabolism

Strength training not only helps you shed fat and build muscle, but it actually helps your weight loss in another significant way. Studies have shown that 6 months of weight training actually boosts your resting metabolism. This means that even as you take a break to read this, you will be burning more calories than just 6 months ago. That is, of course, if you have been strength training.

How does this help your weight loss? It’s simple! You lose weight by eating a deficit of calories. If you metabolism is working harder than before, it will call for more calories to be consumed each day. The more calories you have to consume, the easier it is to implement a deficit. Plus, muscle slims and tones your body. Though it may not be noticeable on the scale, you will definitely see the positive changes in your body in the mirror.

Live Longer

The promise of living a longer and more satisfying life is enough to convince even the least motivated person to get up and start moving. Strength training has actually been proven to do this. Studies have shown that more muscle mass in the body is associated with lower insulin sensitivity, and less insulin resistance.

Having a higher insulin sensitivity means that your body needs only a small amount of insulin to keep your glucose levels in the optimal range. Having less insulin in your system, or “low-circulating insulin,” is associated with longer life. Those centenarians who you see pictures of on the morning news, they have high insulin sensitivity. 

Keep Your Bones Strong

Strength training not only helps you to build muscle, but it will also help you to develop strong bones. Unfortunately, age-related changes, inactivity, and poor nutrition actually steal away your bone mass. Like muscles, you lose bone mass at a rate of 1% a year after 40. As you lose bone mass, your bones become more and more fragile. These changes make them more susceptible to fracture, even after a minor injury. 

Numerous studies have shown that strength training can slow the rate of bone loss, and several studies show that it can actually strengthen bone density. Strength training, and other activities that put stress on your bones, nudge your bone-forming cells into action. The tugging an pushing on the bone from these activities increases your bone density. These activities can be as simple as weight-bearing aerobic exercises like walking or running. 

Since roughly half of all women 50 and older suffer hip, wrist, or spine fractures in their lifetime, bone-building strength exercises can improve your quality of life. Six out of ten people who break a hip never recover. This comes down to bone density and the actions of the bone-building cells. Working these important cells now, can play a huge factor later in life!

Strength Training and Keto

Your Keto Diet helps you to focus on overall health and wellness. While exercise is not mandatory, it is recommended, as it helps your body to function optimally, and in its most healthy state. Exercise on a LCHF diet means a low- to moderate- intensity program. This is perfect with a beginning strength training regimen. You will not only get your workout, but will still have energy for your day, and plenty of energy to enjoy the may benefits you will be reaping!


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