What is a Standard Ketogenic Diet?

What is a Standard Ketogenic Diet?

Standard Ketogenic Diet | Standard Ketogenic Diet Plan | Standard Ketogenic Diet Menu | Standard Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is an effective way to trim down your weight. Not only that, you can also improve your physical strength, build muscles, and increase endurance through this low-carb, high-fat diet. You will achieve your diet and weight loss goals as long as you follow the correct food intake parameters. You must find the correct nutritional balance that fits your diet purpose. If you haven’t figured out what your nutrient plan is, you can start by doing the Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD).

In a ketogenic diet, the macronutrients you should focus on are carbohydrates, protein, and fats. The Standard Ketogenic Diet basically needs fewer carbohydrates, moderate protein, and more fats. This structure is created to put your metabolism into a state of ketosis, where the body’s main source of energy is fats rather than carbohydrates. You will withdraw from eating enough carbs so the liver can produce ketones out of the stored fats in the body. Protein intake should be in just the right amount to keep the muscles intact.

Nutrient Composition in Standard Ketogenic Diet

If you want to sustain your diet and achieve your goal, you must strictly follow the nutrient composition in the Standard Ketogenic Diet. If not, the diet results will be far different from what you are aiming for. Remember these simple guidelines:

  1. Excessive carbohydrates and protein will deactivate ketosisStandard Ketogenic Diet Menu
  2. Excessive fats will result in unwanted body fat
  3. Limited protein will reduce muscle mass
  4. Limited fats will drain your energy

To lose weight, you must reduce your daily calorie intake by 10-15%. The result will be divided into the following nutritional percentage: 40-60% fat, 30-40% protein, and 10-20% carbohydrates. You can always eat a lesser amount of carbs if you are able to. Just make sure to satisfy your hunger by eating more fats or protein to meet the calories that you need. However, this Standard Ketogenic Diet structure is more sustainable if you are serious about maintaining your keto diet.

Variations of Standard Ketogenic Diets

Keto Diet Things-You-can-Eat-on-a-Keto-Diet-4-compressorAside from Standard Keto Diet, there are also two other variants of ketogenic diet that you can follow, depending on your purpose. One of which is practiced by people doing a high level of exercise or workouts. It is called the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD). A person on CKD will load up on carbs for one or two days while also doing high-intensity workouts. CKD practitioners must maintain these intense workouts to burn the carbs, otherwise, they will go out of ketosis.

The Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD) is another variation on the keto diet. It is for people who exercise but not on the same level of CKD dieters. TKD practitioners eat a high amount of carbs only just before workouts. Remember that both CKD and TKD are only for people who do a higher level of workouts. For most people, a standard ketogenic diet is enough to maintain ketosis and lose weight.

You must carefully determine which type is right for you. However, the Standard Ketogenic Diet is the best, to begin with even if you are aiming for either a Cyclical or Targeted Ketogenic Diet. This way, your body can adjust smoothly from being a carb burner to fat burner, and ultimately to an intense fat burner.

Standard Ketogenic Diet | Standard Ketogenic Diet Plan | Standard Ketogenic Diet Menu | Standard Keto Diet


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