When Does Ketosis Start to Work?

When do you start ketosis

When Does Ketosis Start to Work?

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The ketogenic diet is pretty well-known nowadays. Its popularity is attracting more people to test the weight loss effectiveness of this diet. If you are one of those people intrigued by the health benefits of a ketogenic diet, the main thing that you need to understand is ketosis. Ketosis is the state of  metabolism that keto dieters aim for with the low-carb and high fat diet. It is very important because during this state, the body burns all the body fats to get fuel and energy for the body. You’ll probably ask, “When does ketosis start to work?” “How do we know  we are in it?”

For those who are asking these questions,

Here are the signs and symptoms of ketosis:

1. Not Feeling Hungry

While on a ketogenic diet, many people say that they lost their appetite to eat.  They don’t feel hungry despite the very low-carbohydrates intake. You’ll experience the same thing as well. This is a result of increased amount of fats that you eat. Also, the brain is believed to be effected by the ketones, suppressing the urge to eat.

2. Bad Breath

If you are asking, “When does ketosis start?” then you’ll have your answer when you notice sudden change of odor in your breath. Bad breath is one of the ketosis indicators because it means an increase in your body’s ketone level. The specific ketone that causes this unwanted breath smell is acetone. You can also use an acetone breath analyzer to test your ketone levels. Although it is not a good thing, you’ll be happy when you experience bad breath because it means your keto diet is working.

3. Constipation

Digestive issues are common side effects of ketosis diet since you are changing the type of foods you eat. You’ll have constipation and/or diarrhea, so make sure to drink plenty of water and eat fiber-rich keto-friendly foods.

4. Decline in Physical Performance

Start Ketosis QuicklyIf you are engaged in sports or any physical activities, and notice a decline in your performance, then you are already in ketosis. This is caused by the low-carb intake. The glycogen, from which your body gets energy, is depleting. Nutrients and minerals are also lost because of reduction of fluid in your system. That is why you will feel weaker in training and workouts. This will pass, but stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

5. Presence of Ketones in Blood, Breath, and Urine

The most accurate way (but costly) way to answer the question, “When does ketosis start?”, is to test the ketone levels in your blood, urine, or breath. Neutral ketone blood level is around 0.5-3.0 mmol/L. The blood test kit cost around $30-$40. You can also test the ketone level in your urine using special indicator strips. The strips changes in color to indicate the level of ketones in the urine.

6. Sleeplessness

This is one of the things that keto dieters experience after changing their normal diet to a ketogenic diet. You will likely have insomnia, or wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time going back to sleep again. Though this is frustrating, remember that it is only a temporary side effect.

7. Losing Weight

This is perhaps the most positive sign of getting into ketosis. You’ll notice significant weight loss in just a few weeks of dieting, with weight less starting as early as a few days into your new diet. This is  caused by the depletion of carbohydrates and the burning of stored fats in the body. You’ll continue to lose more weight during ketosis, and your body will eventually begin to burn your fat faster and more efficiently.


So, when does ketosis start to work? It begins when you feel these signs and symptoms. You might not experience them all at the same time, but once a couple of them manifest, you’ll know your low-carb diet has already started to work. These signs and symptoms will not linger for a long time, so don’t worry. They will go away once your body has adjusted to the diet and its new way of fueling itself. Remember, you’ll need to maintain the ketosis metabolism to get the best results possible out of a ketogenic diet.

Ketosis Start | Starting Ketosis Diet | When Does Ketosis Start | Start Ketosis Quickly


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