7 Ketogenic Diet Book That MUST Read

7 Ketogenic Diet Book That MUST Read

Ketogenic Diet Book | Ketosis Diet Plan Book | Ketogenic Diet Cookbooks | Ketogenic Diet Plan Books

When you choose to take up ketogenic diet and lifestyle, you are ought to educate yourself – no incorrect information or data will bring you success. If you want to achieve your goals, then you must do it right! Here, is a list of seven wonderful ketogenic diet book that will provide all the information and support that you are looking for.

Best Ketogenic Diet Book on Ketogenic Lifestyle

  1. Keto Clarity

Ketosis Diet Plan Book “Keto Clarity” like the name suggests brings clarity to the keto diet and lifestyle. Author Jimmy Moore (rockstar health blogger) with Dr. Eric C. Westman have put it in such a simple and excellent way that no one can refute any part of it. It is one of the bestsellers in this niche. If it had focused a little more on the fitness part, things would have been just perfect. However, that is not the real purpose of the book. It is a must-have ketogenic diet book specifically for beginners.

  1. Good Calorie, Bad Calories

The author Gary Taubes has picked up an important point that key to good health lies in the kind of calorie we consume and not the count. No book can be more compelling, convincing and thorough than this book. He has compiled research, studies and every essential data from the last 75 years in this book. Many find it difficult-to-understand for being so technically detailed yet, it’s the best edifying ketogenic diet book on this list.

  1. Why We Get Fat

Ketogenic Diet CookbooksThis book unlike Gary Taubes’ previous book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” is basically meant for regular people who don’t prefer to slog through the technical jargons.  You can give it to a friend, family member or anyone else. In fact, you can put it across to  a doctor as a quick scientific reference for keto diet and lifestyle. This ketogenic diet book is a quick read with an incredible amount of information and scientific explanation.

  1. Wheat Belly

Here, author Dr. William Davis put up a strong call for removal of all kinds of grains from the diet. Some of the members of the keto community have questioned his logics and reasoning. Probably, his research won’t be able to challenge a scrutiny, but his elementary idea is pretty strong. He had defended his reasoning very well – may not be the best ketogenic diet book, but definitely worth a read!

  1. The Big Fat Surprise

If you think that no one can top over Gary Taubes’ nutritional assessments, then you must check Nina Teicholz’s incredible work of journalism in “The Big Fat Surprise”. Not only, she explored the existing dietetic orthodoxy, but also articulated it in a witty, yet sharp and compelling style. Her note of Mediterranean Diet is simply amazing– who knew that olive was not considered as food until lately.

  1. The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living

Ketogenic Diet Plan BooksThe authors Dr. Stephen Phinney and Dr, Jeff Volek have done an outstanding work, full of research, studies to unearth the truth of ketogenic diet and lifestyle. They have included the methodologies and outcomes of their own research studies in this ketogenic diet book – didn’t miss to point out the limitations of other researches where the evidences don’t support the conclusions properly. If not the common readers, but it has definitely convinced the doctors regarding the strength of keto diet.

  1. The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance

This book is dedicated to the athletes who are already on the keto journey and looking to improve their performance. Dr. Phinney and Dr. Jeff Volek has put their extensive knowledge and understanding of the process and implication of the diet to make this an exceptionally helpful resource for anyone struggling to get to the optimal performance.  Undoubtedly, it is a commendable follow-up book of their previous creation. Must-read!

Ketogenic Diet Book | Ketosis Diet Plan Book | Ketogenic Diet Cookbooks | Ketogenic Diet Plan Books


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