Keto Diet Bodybuilding Fraternity

Keto Diet Bodybuilding Fraternity

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Which keto diet bodybuilding lovers are constantly following and why? They are following keto diet to get the most out of the food and achieve their workout goals. Now, there are two popular ketogenic options for bodybuilders and established athletes; cyclical ketogenic diet and targeted ketogenic diet, apart from the basic one.

Keto Diet Bodybuilding Philosophy

When you pull the carbs out of your diet, your body seeks an alternative energy resource. Initially, it considers breaking the muscle tissues for energy. However, if you consume a moderate amount of protein, then it would protect your muscles and persuade your body to use the body fat store instead.

Keto diet hoaxes your body making it think that it’s fasting although you are consuming the required calories from good fat and protein. It fills you up and safeguards your muscle mass from being used for energy. The liver breaks the body fat down into ketone bodies.

Ketogenic Diet Bodybuilding Menu Many bodybuilders use diuretic pills to tone up their appearance right before the competitions. You may dehydrate yourself, but that’s not really an option as it encumbers your performance. Ketogenic diet bodybuilding has a mild diuretic effect forcing you to make frequent trips to the men’s room – but it makes you look good without any pills Cyclical Keto Diet: In CKD, you basically follow a standard keto diet for 5 days and for 2 days you load up on carb by increasing your intake up to 50-60%. It helps to replenish your exhausted glycogen stores and overhauls your energy, which helps you achieve good results. Further, it adjusts your growth hormones that were suppressed during the low-carbs eating phase.

Targeted Keto Diet: In TKD, you adhere to a strict low-keto diet on days you don’t train and consume 25 to 50 grams of carbs just before working out. You can also have a certain amount of carbs after the training as well. It ensures you get all the energy for a high-intensity workout. It gives you the required energy boost to perform, but afterward, you return back to ketosis. Generally, weightlifters and bodybuilders follow this diet.

Eat This

The keto diet bodybuilding approach allows you to eat cheese, oil, wild-caught fish, nuts, organic pasture-fed animal products.

Discard This

Avoid foods with high carbs content like fruits, sweet-like vegetable, grains, processed meat or drink, fruit juice and sugar.

Recommended Keto Diet for Bodybuilders

You can include several keto-friendly meals in your diet – just make sure they are low-carbs and rich in HEALTHY fats. Never ever, exceed your optimal macro intakes.

Here, is a sample keto diet bodybuilding enthusiasts should follow.

Ketogenic Diet Muscle Loss ♦ Breakfast: Bacon, fried eggs (whole), asparagus or green beans.

♦ Mid-morning snack: Keto-wrap with no-carb meat or tuna and cheese or Caesar salad.

♦ Lunch: Chicken with mayo, Smoked salmon with low-carb veggies and cheese or taco salad.

♦ Before Workout: Creatine, BCAAs, whey protein, glutamine.

♦ After Workout: Creatine, BCAAs, whey protein, glutamine.

♦ Dinner: Steak with spinach tossed in olive oil.

♦ Bedtime Snacks: Hard boiled eggs, casein protein, turkey breast or protein bar.

Add a couple of bouillon to a cup of warm water and drink before training. It stabilizes the magnesium and sodium levels of the body during the workout.


Once you reach ketosis, you can add low-carb vegetables with high fiber content into your diets. It boosts your energy and performance, which is very important in keto diet bodybuilding training.


Ketogenic Diet Plan BodybuildingYou need to quit eating carbs, which means dumping many of your favorite bites or drinks. In fact, initially, you shouldn’t be eating fruits and vegetables to reach ketosis quickly. Also be prepared to pee on ketone urine strips regularly to check your ketone level. Furthermore, you would be experiencing bad breath, lightheadedness, headaches and other initial aftermaths of ketosis, but they would eventually go away.

That should be all for a basic introduction to keto diet for bodybuilders. However, if you want to get started then find out your optimal intakes first!

Keto Diet Bodybuilding | Ketogenic Diet Bodybuilding Menu | Ketogenic Diet Muscle Loss | Ketogenic Diet Plan Bodybuilding


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