Beware of the Keto Diet Side Effects

Beware of the Keto Diet Side Effects

Keto Diet Side Effects | Keto Diet Negative Side Effects | Ketosis Side Effects Body Odor | Side Effects From Keto Diet

Keto Diet Negative Side Effects Often, patients suffering from epilepsy and other neurological disorders are recommended following a strict low-carb, high-fat diet to aid the conditions. Though the side-effects of the medications used in the treatment may possess adverse effects, keto diet side effects are not less undesirable. If you are about to follow keto diet, it’s important for you to understand which keto diet side effects you may experience and if they seriously pose a risk to you or not.

Temporary Keto Diet Side Effects

You may experience several consequences while embarking on the ketogenic diet as the body was used to burn carbohydrate for long and suddenly had to adjust to a new power source. Relax, it’s just like a little boy throwing tantrums for not getting his favorite chocolate bar.

  1. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar is one of the most common keto diet side effects and you may have noticed the below-enlisted signs as well.

♥ Dehydration (excessively thirsty).

♥ Low energy.

♥ Nausea.

♥ Confusion, bad temper.

♥ Frequent urination.

♥ Constipation.

♥ Hunger.

♥ Tachycardia (heart beating rapidly).

♥ Palpitation and sweating.

Don’t worry if you are experiencing any of these symptoms – it is absolutely normal. Once your body gets the hang of the new diet and accepts the new energy generating process, these symptoms improve.

  1. Changes in Blood Composition. The keto diet introduces several dietary changes forcing the body to produce energy through different adaptive procedures. As a result of which, the blood composition of the person adhering ketogenic diet changes.

To be specific, the cholesterol and lipid level in the blood elevate than the normal. More than 60% of the patients in keto diet experience increased lipid level. Whereas more than 30% patients raised cholesterol levels.

If these changes are major, then the situation would be alarming. You need to tweaked Keto diet. You have to manage those changes well. For instance, replace the polyunsaturated fats with saturated fats. Moreover, you need to customize the keto diet and intake ratio for every individual patient considering all the factors.

Long-Term Keto Diet Side Effects

Ketosis Side Effects Body Odor When continued for an extensively long time, one can experience certain keto diet side effects that have a more unpleasant impact. One such complication is nephrolithiasis or kidney stone. It is rather common in children. Almost 5% of the patient on keto diet suffer from it. However, it’s curable. Patients should not stop the diet. It is believed that it is linked with the demineralization of the bones. Moreover,  decreased pH levels in the urine support gradual formation of the stones.

As you know, keto diet lowers the insulin levels as well as insulin-like growth factor 1 hormones. It is extremely essential for children otherwise they may suffer from stunted growth. Therefore, people following keto diet are at a higher risk of being underdeveloped.

Due to the mixed effect acidosis and reduced insulin-like growth factor 1 level, bones get weak, erode and thus, prone to fractures.

In order to deal with these keto diet side effects, one must regularly take supplements for calcium, vitamin D and multivitamins.

Consequences in Adults

Side Effects From Keto DietCommon aftermaths of the keto diet include constipation, weight loss, increased triglycerides and cholesterol level. Furthermore, women can also experience disrupted or irregular menstrual cycle.

To conclude, despite all these aftermaths you can easily reap some great health benefits. Just monitor your ketone levels regularly and don’t overdo your diet. The short-term side-effects would eventually ward off as you and your body gets accustomed to the diet. Hurry up, burn some fat now!

Keto Diet Side Effects | Keto Diet Negative Side Effects | Ketosis Side Effects Body Odor | Side Effects From Keto Diet


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