4 Go-To Keto Diet Supplements

Fish Oil Keto Diet Supplements

Keto Diet Supplements | Ketogenic Diet Vitamin Supplements | Keto Diet Potassium | Potassium Sources Keto

There are several scientific studies that show keto diet can effectively reduce the blood sugar level, control cholesterol, lose weight and so on. However, you need certain supplements to maximize the diet benefits. Almost 145 million Americans use nutritional keto diet supplements every year.

Different Keto Diet Supplements

♠ Fish Oil Supplements

Ketogenic Diet Vitamin Supplements It contains oils derived from the skin and liver of the fatty fish ad it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids that human body cannot produce naturally. It lowers the increased level of triglycerides, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. A keto diet, itself can lower the triglyceride level, but adding a regular dose of fish oil supplements would further optimize it.

Be careful when purchasing the fish oil keto diet supplements as most of the brands don’t contain the recommended amount and further contain mercury-like toxins. Consult your doctor or dietician to assess the best one for you. Apart from having 3 to 4 grams of fish oil daily, add some fatty fish to your meal for 2 to 3 times a week.

It is a blue-green bacterium that can produce its own food (carbs) using sunlight just like plants. It contains amino acids that drop your LDL cholesterol level, which possesses greater cardiovascular risks. Further, it has a positive effect on the blood pressure.

Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is a well-known brand to go for. Opt for the powdered Spirulina – you can mix some into your keto smoothie. Consider taking 4.5 grams daily to control your elevated triglyceride, LDL and total cholesterol levels

♠ Sodium & Potassium Supplements

Keto Diet PotassiumInsulin signals the kidney to hold sodium and potassium like electrolytes, which are very important for the body. Sodium controls the blood pressure, water level and acid-base balance. Potassium maintains the acid-base balance and further helps maintain normal physical growth. On a keto diet, as the insulin level falls, the body starts losing sodium and potassium as well. This is where you need to replenish them with some keto diet supplements as well as foods. You should have 2 to 4 grams of sodium daily. Add some salt to your bacon, omelet, soup or just mix a bouillon cube into a cup of warm water. Avocado is a good source of potassium, however, if you are looking for supplements, then try ‘Potassium Glucomate’. Monitor your blood sugar, sodium potassium levels regularly and make sure they are in control.

♠  Magnesium Supplements

Potassium Sources KetoMagnesium helps more than 300 physiological reactions like regulating blood pressure, blood glucose, synthesizing protein, nerves and muscle functions. Most of the people on keto diet suffer from magnesium deficit. This can cause neurological damage, muscle cramps, fatigue. You should be including more magnesium-rich foods in your diet like leafy greens, seeds, low-carb nuts, cocoa, avocado, high-fat yogurt. Consult your doctor for best magnesium supplements if you are still running short of it.

♠ Vitamin D

Deficiency of Vitamin D is very common both in keto dieters as well as in non-dieters. Vitamin D preserves bone strength and density, helps the body to absorb essential minerals and maintains the immune system, cardio and neuro health. Natural sources of vitamin D include fatty fish, certain mushrooms, and dairy products. Even the body can also produce it when exposed to the sun for 20 minutes. However, staying exposed to the sun for long may lead to skin cancer hence, you need keto diet supplements to meet your vitamin D requirement.

Check with the doctor and see if you are suffering from a deficiency of certain nutrients or minerals. First, focus on supplying it through natural and dietary means. If it still persist, seek your doctor’s suggestions and recommendations. Ask what are the best keto diet supplements you can try and the recommended optimal dose.

Remember, if you are on a keto diet you must run blood tests to make sure everything is normal and under control.

Keto Diet Supplements | Ketogenic Diet Vitamin Supplements | Keto Diet Potassium | Potassium Sources Keto


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