Does the Ketogenic Diet Work?

Does Ketogenic Diet Work?

Does Ketogenic Diet Work | Keto Diet Daily Carb Limit | Keto Diet Facts | Ketogenic Diet Long Term Effects

The ketogenic diet has become popular for the quick results practitioners see. However, how does the ketogenic diet work?

Chemical Compositions

Keto Diet Daily Carb LimitThe ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet that works solely on burning fat in the body for fuel. In normal cases, the body runs on carbohydrates, or sugars, to fuel bodily functions. However, for the body to run on fat requires a process called ketosis, usually induced through extreme hunger. Ketosis begins producing energy called ketones in the liver. It substitutes as fuel for most organs in the body. The ketones are usually derived from fatty acids, which also cut down on the unhealthy fat located in our bodies.

To induce this state by diet, you will have to cut out carbohydrates and eat a fat based diet, with 70% to 80% of your calories coming from that group. As for carbohydrates, 5% to 10% will be derived from this group. Proteins can also be eaten, but only to a moderate amount. To make the process even faster, you can begin by fasting while starting the diet, which induces the survival metabolic reaction ketosis.

The History

Keto Diet Facts The ketogenic diet was created by Dr. Gianfranco Cappello, an associate professor of surgery based in Italy. In his study, he had over 19,000 cases prove that ketogenic diets have had rapid weight loss results with little to no side effects such as fatigue. Although the diet proves short-term healthy weight loss and muscle retention, it is not recommended for people who want to gain muscle mass. Based on his study, the average amount of weight loss is 22 pounds. Other dieticians treated the children with epilepsy. About half of the patients experienced significantly fewer seizures than before going on a ketogenic diet.


Ketogenic Diet Long Term EffectsKetogenic diets work due to the use of cutting out a food group (carbohydrates) but take a lot of rigorous tracking to make sure the diet is working. The diet can require you to track your diet and ketone levels. The diet is also designed to be a short-term one. The long-term effects can be strenuous. The ketogenic diet is supposed to cut out your water weight first. After it will later move onto muscle mass when there is none left. Because of this, your muscles will begin feeling fatigue easier and it will make athletes train less.

In retrospect, patients affected with type 2 diabetes should try this diet. It lowers blood sugar levels and increases insulin sensitivity, a chemical compound that controls the sugar intake of cells. Cancer patients have also used this diet while on chemotherapy in order to effectively shrink tumors. A ketogenic diet also makes you feel more full rather than a carbohydrate-based one. To maintain a ketogenic diet, you will give up sluggish, processed foods.

Does Ketogenic Diet Work | Keto Diet Daily Carb Limit | Keto Diet Facts | Ketogenic Diet Long Term Effects


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