Is Ketogenic Diet Safe?

Is Ketogenic Diet Safe?

Ketogenic Diet Safe | Ketogenic Weight Loss Diet | Ketosis Fat Burning Rate | Ketogenic Diet Effects

Going on an easy weight loss diet that also has no hunger side effects sound idyllic for any person, but is ketogenic diet safe?

What is Ketosis

Ketosis is a metabolic process that activates as a survival mode during fasting or extreme hunger. Most humans run on a diet that is carbohydrate, or sugar, based. However, when there is no more carbohydrates to be used, the body begins using fat to fuel the body as energy.

This is where ketosis kicks in. The body will produce molecules called ketones. Most body organs will accept the incoming ketones, with some even preferring it such as the heart. Even some delicate organs such as the brain can even process ketones as energy better, and is a great way to treat epilepsy patients among children.

Weight Loss and Diabetes

Ketogenic Weight Loss DietFor the vast majority, this diet is considered safe, with rapid weight loss at the cost of having little to no side effects. Most of the weight lost in the first couple of days will be water weight, as carbohydrates tend to cling onto water in the body.

Anyone who has gall bladder diseases or taking steroids should also not go on a ketogenic diet. It can obstruct the body from going into ketosis normally.  This diet can benefit some diseases like diabetes. Type 1 and type 2 diabetics should all try to go on a ketogenic diet. In one study at Duke University, type 2 diabetics lowered their blood sugar (or A1C) levels by an average of 16%, along with a 6.6% overall weight loss.

Balancing the Meals

Ketogenic Diet EffectsTo start on the ketogenic diet means an individual will have to adjust the  consume 70% to 75% fat, 15% to 20% protein, and 5% to 10% carbohydrates. Initially, the diet might be a onslaught of challenges, ranging from moodiness and crankiness. Foggy thinking and low energy can also be prevalent. This stage can come on as earlier as a week to a couple om dazed. However, after this phase, your mood will improve and you will also feel profoundly less hungry. Also, you have to regulate protein intake.  While you’re in a Keto diet, eating a variety of different fats will be beneficial to you.

Good Vantage Points

Ketosis Fat Burning RateAlthough ketogenic diets are hard to maintain, it helps with raising the body’s healthy cholesterol count, helps lower high blood sugars and maintain them, get rid of excess triglycerides (fatty acids), and create a decrease of inflammation in the body and joints. Before starting this diet, it’s best to talk to your nurse or a dietician. This kind of diet takes a long term commitment. The point of a diet is not only lose weight, but also to keep it to the new body weight.

Ketogenic Diet Safe | Ketogenic Weight Loss Diet | Ketosis Fat Burning Rate | Ketogenic Diet Effects


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