12 Steps of Keto Diet Plan

Step by Step Keto Diet Plan

Keto Diet Plan | Ketogenic Diet Plan Meals | Ketogenic Diet Menu Plans | Keto Diet Menu Planner

In any type of diet, there are always guidelines or a plan that one should follow in order to achieve optimum results. It’s no different with a keto diet plan. In order to be successful in losing weight with this low-carb high fat diet, you must learn how exactly it works, then stick to the guidelines. Below is a step by step keto diet plan for successful implementation of this diet:

Ketogenic Diet Plan 1. First thing is studying how to count the carb content of foods. This is very important in limiting your carb intake. A carbohydrate counter guide will be very helpful in doing so.

2. Get rid of all the high carb foods in your kitchen including complex carbs from whole grain foods.

3. Next is to buy low-carb foods and make sure that you have plenty. It is essential to have a good stock, so you won’t end up eating foods that are not part of your diet.

4. Create a ketogenic diet plan that only includes natural and whole foods – foods that you normally have in the kitchen. As much as you can, stay away from highly processed foods or any special products. The only processed products that you need to include in your food inventory are artificial sweeteners. They are important because they can add taste to your food or drink without affecting your body sugar content.

5. One of the important parts of this step by step keto diet plan is to make sure that you cook whole and natural foods. This way, you can strictly monitor the food that you eat. You can also find ways to keep your food interesting.

6. Plan your meals well and ahead of time. Make this a habit so you will not resort to eating whichever food is available. Planning will help you prepare the correct food for your keto diet and will help you maintain your low-carb intake.

7. During the keto diet, you will be dehydrated. This is because your kidneys will release the reserved water in your body from your previous high carb diet. You must drink plenty of water to replenish the water in your system. One-and-a-half to two-and-a-half liters is the ideal amount of water to drink each day. However, add more water if you experience headaches. If possible, add salt to the water and take magnesium supplements to replace the lost nutrients in your body.

Keto Diet Meal Prep8. Perhaps the most crucial point in this step-by-step keto diet plan is to stay away from consuming high carb foods. Your goal in the first few weeks of your keto diet is to quickly enter the ketosis state. This happens when the liver produces ketone bodies from fats as the body’s energy source. You will only achieve ketosis if you are consistent with low-carb intake so that your system can switch from carb to fat burning. You can check if you are in ketosis using reagent strips. They should change color when the body is in ketosis state.

9. Once you are in ketosis, use any kind of method to help monitor your daily calorie intake moving forward. Whether you are using a mobile application or just a simple notepad, tracking your food, fat, and carb contents will keep you aligned with your diet plan and goal.

10. Think of possible situations when you will be tempted to skip your diet, like parties and group meals. You don’t necessarily have to skip them. Just plan some ways to deal with them, so you won’t have eaten or drink any unwanted foods while on the keto diet.

11. If you want to track your progress in reducing weight, it is much better to use a tape measure to monitor your body than using a scale. Weighing yourself is not a very reliable method to check if you really lost fat. This is because your weight can change from day to day due to the amount of water in the body. If you really want to monitor your weight, limit weighing yourself to once a week.

12. Last, in this step-by-step keto diet plan, is to focus on the whole benefits of a low-carb diet to your health, and not just on losing weight. This will help you to stay motivated and continue to follow your ketogenic diet.

Keto Diet Plan | Ketogenic Diet Plan Meals | Ketogenic Diet Menu Plans | Keto Diet Menu Planner


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