How Does The Keto Diet Work?

How Does The Keto Diet Work?

How Does The Keto Diet Work | Ketogenic Diet Info | Ketogenic Benefits | Ketogenic Diet Burn Fat

Aren’t you amazed to hear you can supercharge your energy levels with a high-fat diet? You must be wondering how does the keto diet work. Aren’t you? A number of books have been already written on this subject yet people are unaware of its true value. Still, people think it’s bad for the heart. That’s utter nonsense. Discover the real truth in this article.

Benefits of Keto Diet

“We are, what we eat”. This is the truth. Today, life is a rat race and humans are stuck with processed foods to save some time, but that is not healthy. To be honest, there are many health benefits of keto diet, but it’s better to focus on basic few.

  1. Puts the body in fat-burning mode.
  2. Helps suppress appetite while shedding fat and preserving the lean body muscle.
  3. Helps people with type-2 diabetes, epilepsy, cardiovascular disorders and even epilepsy.
  4. Lose weight.

How Does The Keto Diet Work In Your Favor?

The body uses glucose for energy before touching the body fat. If there is no carb crisis, the body won’t ever think about breaking down the fat. In order to get into this fat-burning mode (also known as ketosis), you need to eat more of healthy fats and minimize the carb intake as low as possible. This low-carb, high-fat, adequate protein diet is known as the ketogenic diet.

  • Helps Lose Fats and Lower Insulin Level

Ketogenic Diet Info You may probably be thinking, why do you get fat even though you don’t eat much. The answer is carbs. When you eat carbs, it is converted into glucose for producing energy, then the leftover is stored as glycogen in the liver. Once the glycogen store is full, the excess of glycogen is converted into fat or adipose tissues. This happens when you eat a disproportionate amount of carbs or when you have the intolerance to insulin. In fact, most of the people (including obese) around you are struggling with weight issue due to their intolerance to insulin.

So, how does the keto diet work for controlling this insulin problem? Insulin is a hormone that alters depending on the food we eat. Most of the heart, obese, blood pressure problems and diabetes are caused by the insulin resistance. Keto diet leads to increase of blood ketone levels which lower the blood insulin, thus the insulin problems are controlled.

  • Improves Energy

Ketogenic Benefits The body doesn’t prefer glucose energy for several reasons. Running on carb-energy is just like a car running on low-grade fuel. It is the fatty acids that body actually prefers for producing energy. In fact, you get to perform with much more energy when you are in a fat-burning state. However, when eating a high-carb diet the body doesn’t get a chance to use the body fats. Therefore the question, is how does keto diet work to make you run on fat? Simple, you feed yourself fat and reduce the carb intake to minimal, then your body will be forced to burn body fat.

  • Suppresses Appetite While Cutting

Ketogenic Diet Burn FatUnlike carb, fats are more nutrient-dense and take longer and more energy to digest, which suppresses your hunger. In short, your body is happy when you eat fat. When you eat carbs, you tend to be hungry even after an hour because they are digested so easily. Further, the carbs raise the insulin level making you more idle. This chemical disorder is known as hyperinsulinism. A fat-rich diet, on the other hand, keeps you full for longer period of time, so you crave less. If you have dieted earlier, try to recapitulate how it was. Were you hungry or had cravings? Did you lose weight, but able to retain all your lean muscles?

This is where keto diet surpasses all other diets as it doesn’t compromise on your calorie intake or nutrition just feed your body the best stuff, but help you achieve your goals!

How Does The Keto Diet Work | Ketogenic Diet Info | Ketogenic Benefits | Ketogenic Diet Burn Fat


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