Basic Keto Diet Breakdown

Basic Keto Diet

Basic Keto Diet | Simple Keto Diet Plan | Basic Ketogenic Diet Plan | Basic Keto Diet Meal Plan

The Background and Science

Simple Keto Diet PlanTo first understand what ketosis is, you will have to understand the chemical processes that contribute to it. Put simply, the body can run on two fuel sources: Fat and Sugar. Most of the time, your body is fueled by sugar, from carbohydrates in your food. The body breaks down these carbohydrates into glucose, which is then converted into a fuel for your body. Often, we consume more glucose each day than the body can use for energy. This extra glucose is then stored as either glycogen, energy stored in your liver and muscles, or, converted into fat. Studies show that only about half of your daily energy can be stored as glycogen, which leaves the rest to be converted to, and stored as, fat.

If, instead, you cut out carbohydrates from your daily diet, your body will no longer have access to glucose (sugar) as a fuel source. Once you have depleted your stored glycogen, your liver begins to convert fatty acids into ketones. This process of producing ketones is known as ketosis. Once produced, these ketones are used as fuel by the muscles and brain. Insulin production also decreases while on ketosis, since insulin is no longer needed to move glucose into the bloodstream.

Once your body begins producing ketones, you are in a state of ketosis. Once you have achieved ketosis, your body will be using the fat you have stored, and are consuming, as energy. Not only will your body be using the fat you consume as energy, ketosis also amps up your body’s fat-burning ability. Basically, your body will be a fat-burning machine! Ketosis also helps your brain and muscles perform more efficiently. Studies show that the brain and muscles run 70% more efficiently when running on ketones, instead of glucose.

The Breakdown and Necessities

To start a basic keto diet, you will need to purchase ketone testing methods. These can test either your urine, blood, or breath. Ketostix are a common choice. These home urination strips check how much ketone is being produced in your body. Comparing the color on ketostix with the given color chart will show if you are in your optimal ketone range.

Drinking lots of water also helps with mental clarity and overall energy. You will also want to purchase magnesium supplements, as they will help with the initial symptoms of carbohydrate deprivation.

One of the best tricks  to being successful early in your diet, is to pre-make most of your meals the Sunday before. This will help you on the days that you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, or just too busy to cook. The ketogenic diet is a meal routine, so on some days you might be eating the same foods.

Basic Keto Diet Meal Plan


While on a basic keto diet, you can also consume alcohol. Some say that it even helps you to reach a deeper level of ketosis. Be careful though, it will slow your fat loss. As  long as you drink a reasonable amount of wine a day, you can get by with some ethanol in your system. Most of the time, one glass will do the trick. It is crucial to avoid beer, as it is filled with carbohydrates and sugar. Sweet cocktails are also off the table.

Basic Keto Diet | Simple Keto Diet Plan | Basic Ketogenic Diet Plan | Basic Keto Diet Meal Plan


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