MCT Oil Keto Benefits

The MCT Oil Keto Benefits

MCT Oil Keto Benefits | MCT Oil Low Carb Diet | MCT Oil Diet Weight Loss | MCT Ketogenic Diet Menu

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are fatty acids with an amazing ability to stabilize blood sugar and boost ketone production. MCT Oil keto benefits are huge and there is every reason to use it for ketosis.

How Are MCTs Better Than Other Fatty Acids?

MCT Oil Low Carb Diet MCTs are easy-to-digest and don’t require bile for that digestion, unlike other fatty acids. It is really useful for people with pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, malnutrition. Generally, fatty acids depend on L-carnitine to cross the mitochondrial membrane of the cells to produce energy. However, MCTs don’t require carnitine for providing energy immediately. Therefore, the liver produces ketone faster.

How Is MCT Oil Keto and Brain– Friendly?

MCT Oil Diet Weight Loss As you now know, the body can run on both glucose as well as ketones, but the brain prefers ketone energy. The ketones trigger the brain derived neurotrophic growth factors or BDNF that improve the neurological networks and functioning of the brain cells. Further, it encourages the growth of healthy neurons replacing the old and failing neurons. As MCT accelerates the ketone formation, oils rich in MCT becomes keto and brain-friendly.

Sources of MCTs

MCT Ketogenic Diet MenuThe best and natural source of MCTs include coconut oil, camphor tree oil, palm oil, grass-fed dairy products and goat milk. Coconut oil is the best MCT oil keto diet supports as it contains C12 lauric acid which is good for immune system. Further, you can purchase pure MCT oil, which is processed by removing the long-chain fatty acids, and leaving the capric and caprylic acids. However, be careful and pick an MCT oil brand that has been tested for purity.

How’s MCT Oil Keto Friendly?

Now you already know ketones favors the overall growth and functioning of the brain cells. Also, you have an idea why MCT is better than other fatty acids and how it works and boosts the ketone production.  MCTs provide several additional health benefits like:

1. Reduces Blood Sugar

It increases ketone level of the body, which naturally lowers the blood sugar. A stabilized blood sugar level improves brain function and reduces inflammation. Furthermore, it slows down the production of fatty acids in the fat tissues and improves the body’s carb tolerance.

2. Improves Nutrient Absorption

According to a pediatrics study, premature babies being fed MCT enriched formula absorbed calcium and magnesium better. Again according to another study, 80% of the babies being fed formula containing MCTs showed improved nitrogen absorption and amino acid sparing. To conclude, MCT helps in building and safeguarding the lean body tissues.

3. Provides Anticonvulsive Benefits

Ketones help treat people with epilepsy for its potential anti-convulsive impact on the brain. The original ketogenic diet was created for epilepsy patients in the 1920s.

4. Improves Physical Performance

MCT can be quickly absorbed and used for energy, making it an elite body fuel for any athlete. It is also effectively used before or after a rigorous workout as it prevents protein breakdown, rebuilds muscles, and can be mobilized quickly.

5. Controls Hunger and Boosts Weight Loss

According to a study, people ingesting a high amount of MCT oil have less caloric consumption, which resulted in weight loss. It also helps obese and overweight individuals  to resist cravings, lose weight, and have better energy.


Administering high dosage with a short time can lead to gastrointestinal problems. No need to panic or stop using MCT oil. Start with small doses, and only increase when your body is ready to do so.

How To Use MCT Oil?

There are several ways you can use MCT oil in your diet like:

  1. Cooking with coconut oil and added MCT Oil – stable under high heat.
  2. Using as a salad dressing with some vinegar and herbs.
  3. Thickening your tea or coffee with some
  4. Adding a couple tablespoons in your smoothie.

Remember, the body cannot store MCTs as they are easily and instantly used up for producing energy so you have to include them in your diet daily.

MCT Oil Keto Benefits | MCT Oil Low Carb Diet | MCT Oil Diet Weight Loss | MCT Ketogenic Diet Menu


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