Ketosis Pills: The Next Big Thing

Ketosis Pills: The Next Big Thing

Ketosis Pills | Best Ketosis Pills | Ketogenic Pills | Maintaining Ketosis

In this modern world of dot.coms where everything can be “googled” and all stuff can be bought from Amazon, you’ll no longer be surprised with a lot of “magic pills” being discovered. Yes, it’s the 21st century and we are buying miracles.

Everyone is looking for wonder drugs that can instantly treat their disease or enhance their appearance. We can’t deny that we live in a pill-popping society that’s on a constant hunt for that one miracle pill that will give us everything we need.

Ketosis Pills, Anyone? 

Best Ketosis Pills The ketogenic diet is a wonderful diet where you can eat high-fat foods that are yummy like bacon, butter and cream cheese. That sounds amazing. Studies proved the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet. However, this diet requires great discipline. With lesser discipline, it’s hard to stick to it.

With eBay overflowing with slimming pills, we couldn’t help but wonder, “Are there ketosis pills out there?” Ketosis pills that I can just pop up and go on with my busy day without being conscious of how much percentage of carbs I already consume. Or if I still need to load more fats and keep the bacon coming. Some miracle, please.

The Ketogenic Diet in Epilepsy

Ketogenic Pills The ketogenic diet adopts the concept of high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet. The idea is to lower the carb intake. In that way, the body tricked to burn the stored fats instead of carbohydrates. Glucose is the byproduct of carbohydrates while ketones are the byproduct of fats. Your body is in a state of ketosis when your blood has elevated levels of ketones. Ketones are good because they help in fat-burning and ultimately, weight-loss.

But do you know that the keto diet is not intended for weight loss when it was designed?

Carbohydrates, when converted into glucose, are used by the brain as fuel to function properly. Epileptic patients, young and old alike who tried the keto diet, show a reduction in seizures even after discontinuing the diet. That makes keto diet an option in epileptic therapy for children with uncontrolled seizures.

The keto diet’s promotion as a mainstream therapy declined due to the rise of anti-convulsant drugs. Most people will prefer drugs because it is more convenient. We love pills that will make all the “sufferings” go away.

Some people even call the anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) “ketosis pills”.

New Discoveries

Maintaining KetosisIt has been reported in Japan that there’s a new drug discovery which has the ability to alter the energy supply to the brain, exactly like what the ketogenic diet process do.

The indication of anti-convulsant or anti-epileptic drugs is to control seizures by directly affecting the brain’s neuron activity. In the new study, what they are aiming at is to target the astrocytes directly instead of the neurons. Astrocytes are brain cells that regulate electrical impulses within the brain and supply neurons with energy.

This study was conducted by a team administered by Dr. Tsuyoshi Inoue at Okayama University in Japan. They found out that there is a prevailing anti-epileptic drug that can actually mimic the effects of the ketogenic diet. It can affect the activity of lactate dehydrogenase. Lactate dehydrogenase or LDH is an enzyme responsible in turning glucose into energy for your cells. When LDH activity is reduced by the anti-epileptic drug, the astrocytes no longer supply neurons with energy and therefore preventing them from triggering seizures.

This discovery was reported by UK’s online epilepsy magazine, epilepsy today in 2015.

This is good news to the epileptic community. The report, however, didn’t mention if the “ketosis pills” can help in weight loss.

Keto Supplements

When you go keto, you’ll realize that it takes will power to stay on it. There are a lot of keto supplements in the market now claiming that they can optimize your results by increasing your energy levels, mental focus and accelerating fat loss.

Keto supplement comes in different forms like powdered drinks, fish oils, electrolytes water drinks, vitamins and minerals. Also included are some functional foods like green tea, chlorella and turmeric. Consult your physician if you need these supplements while going keto.

Ketosis Pills | Best Ketosis Pills | Ketogenic Pills | Maintaining Ketosis


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