What Does Ketogenic Mean?

What Does Ketogenic Mean?

What Does Ketogenic Mean | Ketogenic Diet Scientific Study | Ketogenic Diet Info | Low Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diet is gaining popularity among health enthusiasts. Thanks to well-known people and celebrities who are advocates of this way of life. Now, what does ketogenic mean? Is it a fad diet? Does it guarantee weight loss? Are there side effects?

What does ketogenic mean as a process?

Ketogenic Diet Scientific Study More popularly known as keto diet, it is a way of eating low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) foods. In this way, carbohydrate restriction will deprive your body of glucose ( a type of sugar) which is used for energy. When there is not enough glucose to burn, your body will adjust and finds a way to fulfill the need for energy.  The body will burn stored fats instead. As a result, the body will produce ketones in the liver for energy and therefore goes into a state of ketosis.

Simply put, ketosis is the process when the body breaks down stored fats into energy leading to ketones production.

Ketogenic diet is composed of 75% healthy fats (saturated fats, monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, medium-chain triglycerides)   20% protein (grass-fed meats, fatty, wild-caught fish, whole eggs)  and 5% carbohydrates (low-carb foods).

What does ketogenic mean in metabolism control?

Ketogenic Diet Info According to people who are already on The Keto Diet, it’s like reprogramming your metabolism. The metabolic system provides the body fuel or energy to keep it operating. When you’re in nutritional ketosis, you’re burning body fats while still consuming healthy fats. This means you are boosting your metabolism.

Reducing calorie-intake and starving can be dangerous for your metabolism because your metabolic rate drops. That is not what ketogenic diet is aiming for. Its goal is to increase metabolic function to continuously burn fats. The reason why low-carb diet alone is not enough is that the body is still in need of fuel. High amounts of healthy fats to burn is how we can maintain metabolism control.

What does ketogenic mean in weight loss?

Low Ketogenic DietIn starving ourselves or lower our calorie intake, weight loss is imminent. But weight is not the only thing that will drop, so will your metabolism. This will lead to plateaus and weight regain.

In ketosis, we do not adhere to low calories but low carbohydrates, moderate protein and high fats.  Keto has a diuretic effect. That means you’ll drop pounds at the onset because of water weight loss. You need to replenish lost electrolytes by drinking plenty of water. Your body is adjusting and turning into a fat-burning machine.

With increased metabolic rate, you’ll be surprised to see the weight you’re losing while eating high-fat foods like bacon, beef, butter and cheese.

What does ketogenic mean in health optimization?

Again, when you supply your body with high fats and restrict carbohydrates, it will burn stored fats and produce ketones. Ketones can be used as energy source. Increased ketone levels in the blood are beneficial to our health. Aside from weight loss, here is a list of other benefits when following a strict keto diet:

♦ Improved immune system

♦ Increased metabolic rate

♦ Less inflammation

♦ Reversal of cognitive impairments

♦ Controlled levels of blood sugar

♦ Better mental clarity

♦ Lowered risk of cancer

♦ Reduced cardiovascular disease risk factors

♦ Skin improvement

♦ Improved levels of HDL cholesterol (“good” cholesterol)

♦ Improve triglyceride levels

♦ Reduced risk for Type 2 diabetes

Some reported side effects include:

♦ Fatigue

♦ Cravings for carbohydrates

♦ Constipation

♦ Irritability

♦ Sleeping Problem

If you experience any of above side effects, you can modify your diet and add more carbs. Find a formula that will help you adjust until you reach your goal and maintain an ideal weight.

Ultimately, a person in ketosis will feel better and perform better. Body fats will rapidly drop but energy and vitality will improve. People who are successful in the state of ketosis don’t see it as a diet anymore, but a lifestyle.

What Does Ketogenic Mean | Ketogenic Diet Scientific Study | Ketogenic Diet Info | Low Ketogenic Diet


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