Keto Diet For Dummies – Non-intimidating Guideline

Keto Diet For Dummies – Non-intimidating Guideline

Keto Diet For Dummies – Non-intimidating Guideline | Ketogenic Diet Body | Ketosis High Fat Diet | Low Carb Ketosis Food List

I was once a dummy too. Totally confused about the keto diet’s concept. Wide-eyed, jaw-dropped, and mind-blown! Thinking this diet is crazy and too good to be true. If you’ve read related keto diet for dummies articles, this is an additional enlightenment for you. If this is your first time to hear or read about it, then honey, this keto diet for dummies is your “My First ABCs”. No pun intended.

Hey Teacher, What Is Keto?

Ketogenic Diet BodyThe word “keto” is just the nickname of ketogenic and ketosis. It is a type of LCHF (Low-Carb, High-Fat) diet. For me though, I’d rather call it LCMPHF (Low-Carb, Moderate Protein, High-Fat) diet. You might be thinking, WTF? It’s OK! No need to be confused with the abbreviation, they’re just letters.

It means we are intentionally reducing our carb intake, eating a medium amount of proteins and loading up on foods that are high in fats. You’ll lose weight in the process. Now, did I get you interested?

Aim For Ketosis

The “standard” American diet has loads of carbs because that’s where we normally get our energy from.  Carbohydrates are burned to give us the energy to help the body function properly.

Ketosis High Fat DietIn the keto diet, you are going to break-up with carbs.  You will drastically reduce your carbohydrates intake to a minimum. We should hate carbs while on this diet because they have evil intentions.

Our body is amazing and will adapt by looking for something else to get its energy supply.  With not enough carbs, your body will burn your stored fats instead. Win!

You see, when your body burns carbohydrates, it produces glucose. When it burns fats, it produces ketones. You are in a state of ketosis when the level of ketones in your blood is optimal. And when in ketosis, you’ll notice good things happening to your body.  Not just weight loss but also increased vitality and mental clarity.

Multiple studies can back up that the keto diet can help lower the risks in the following health conditions:

♣ Heart disease

♣ Epilepsy


♣ Alzheimer’s disease

Parkinson’s disease

♣ Type 2 Diabetes

A Short Story

I will share with you a short story. A TRUE story. Actually, it’s more of a conversation inside your body. Yes, your organs do it a lot.

Brain: What? Low carbs in your diet? What will you use for energy? What will keep you going?

Body: No carbs to turn into glucose? No problem. I’ll choose something else to burn.

Stored Fats: Choose us! Choose us!

Liver: Okay stored fats, come over here so I can turn you into ketones.

Stored Fats: We’re melting! We’re melting!

Body: Oh wow! I feel so energized with ketones.

Brain: Let’s load with more fats so you will not lose the energy.

Body: Am I losing weight? This is awesome!

Mouth: It is awesome! Keep the butter coming…!

Foods To Eat on Keto

Low Carb Ketosis Food ListWhen on a keto diet, you’ll eat a high amount of high-fat foods. About 75% of your diet will compose of healthy fats found in bacon, butter, cream cheese, and avocado. Yup!  About 20% of the diet will compose of proteins like red meat, eggs, and salmon. The last 5% will be low-carb foods.

Keto diet for dummies include these basics:

♣ Grass-fed meats – beef, bison, lamb, pork, chicken and other poultry

♣ Fatty, wild-caught fish– salmon, sardines, tuna, trout, cod, catfish, etc.

♣ Fats and oils – butter, ghee, duck fat, lard; coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower and sesame oil

♣ Free-range, whole Eggs(organic)

♣ Dairy products– full-fat cheeses, cream cheese and sour cream

♣ Low-carb veggies – leafy and dark green kinds like spinach and kale; cruciferous kinds like broccoli and cauliflower.

♣ Avocados and other low-sugar fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries

♣ Herbs and spices with no sugar added

♣ Sugar-free drinks – Water, black coffee, seltzer, herbal teas

After reading this article and completely grasping the concept of a ketogenic diet, its title “keto diet for dummies” is no longer suitable for you. You are now equipped with this knowledge that will transform not just your physical and mental health but your total well-being. Now go my student. You started reading as a Padawan, you will go as a Jedi.

Are you ready to learn more, and go in-depth on the Keto Diet? Check out: Keto 101!

Already a quick study? Get started With Keto Fat Sources

Keto Diet For Dummies – Non-intimidating Guideline | Ketogenic Diet Body | Ketosis High Fat Diet | Low Carb Ketosis Food List


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