How to Put Your Body into Ketosis?

How to Put Your Body into Ketosis?

Ketosis Body | Ketosis Diet Bodybuilding | Ketogenic Bodybuilder |  Ketosis Side Effects Body Odor

Ketosis Diet Bodybuilding

Ketosis happens when you lack enough carbohydrates to burn and produce energy for the brain and body. As a result, the liver will use its stored fat to produce ketones, which will be your new source of energy. When your body gets used to the state of ketosis, you will no longer feel hungry and weak even when you are on a low-carb diet. On a Standard Keto Diet of 20-30 grams of carb intake per day, it usually takes 5 days to get in to ketosis. However, it might take longer if you are consuming a large amount of carbs before starting a keto diet. But, what if you want to  put your body into ketosis in a short time?

Luckily, there is a way to get you into ketosis state in just three days or less. The idea is to greatly lower your carb intake. Your body will then quickly adjust and begin burning fat instead of burning carbs.

Entering Ketosis in 3 Days or Less

Ketogenic BodybuilderFirst, you need to know the net carbs of the food that you eat. Net carbs, sometimes called effective carbs, is the total carbohydrate content of food less the amount of fiber. Your goal is to cut down your carb intake into less than 20 net grams per day. The less carbohydrates you eat, the faster you will enter ketosis. Moderate physical activity can also help at this stage. This way, you will easily burn the small amount of carbohydrates into your system and your liver will produce more ketones to get more energy.

It is also best to eat more fat while you are doing this. Don’t worry about counting calories at this stage. The main focus during the first few days in the keto diet is entering ketosis, not losing weight.  You can eat as much fat as you can to satisfy your hunger, (be sure to also maintain your protein intake to keep your muscles healthy) just not the carbs. Doing so will increase fat deposits in the liver, which will be very helpful once your body switches to fat burning.

Ketosis Side Effects Body OdorDoing all of these will not be that easy though. You will experience the effects of carbohydrates deprivation. You will be very tempted to eat carbs because of hunger. Don’t give in. Even a small amount of carbs can knock you out of ketosis state. You will also experience some negative effects due to loss of minerals in your system. These effects are normal. You just need to maintain your high fat intake, drink lots of water and increase your consumption of salt and magnesium.

If you do all of these, you will easily enter the ketosis state. Once you are in and your body is adjusted to very low carbohydrates, then you can adjust your calorie intake accordingly to get to your desired weight loss.

Now that you know how put your body into ketosis state, you just have to maintain your keto diet. Create or adopt a keto meal plan and stick to it. You can also read books or watch videos to know more about ketogenic diet.

Ketosis Body | Ketosis Diet Bodybuilding | Ketogenic Bodybuilder | Ketosis Side Effects Body Odor


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