7 Keto Mistakes That Hurt Your Weight Loss

When you are starting, it is important that you are set up to start your Keto Diet the right way. On this diet, success means being planned, regimented, and having all of your supplies handy. You will need to do some shopping for supplies. You will need to have a firm understanding of what you can and cannot eat. And you will need a meal plan that keeps you within your macros daily. Here are the most common mistakes that new keto dieters make, and ways you can avoid them!

1. Shopping Without a Plan

Your first keto shopping trip will not be easy. If you go into the grocery store like you did in your pre-keto life, you will end up with pre-keto foods. Spend some time prepping for your shopping. This includes planning your meals in advance, and determining what foods you will need to purchase before you get to the store. I personally use the Ketogenic Grocery List. Before you step into the grocery store, take a few moments to mentally prepare. I like to go over the reasons I started my Ket Diet, and remind myself of the benefits I am experiencing. The more you prep, the easier it will be to avoid your food weaknesses.

2. Skimping on the Supplements

While you are focusing on putting healthy foods into your body, don’t lose focus on your overall health. Though your healthy foods, especially the organic, non free-range, wild-caught, etc, options are expensive. The Ketogenic Diet will not be a frugal diet. Since you are spending more on food, oils, and supplies, it can be tempting to purchase the “Economical” option when it comes to supplements. Don’t fall into this trap! Supplements aren’t moderated by the FDA, and a poorly made supplement can easy throw you out of ketosis. Do your research, and use trusted sources. Paying a bit extra for a quality product will really help your body and your health in the long run!

3. Guessing on Ketosis

how to know if you're in ketosis

Though there are physical signs of ketosis, it is essential to the success of your ketogenic lifestyle that you track your ketosis. This is another area where skimping and “saving” just isn’t an option. With a diet based on the scientific bodily process of ketosis, you will need to be sure that you are tracking your ketosis! Once you are in ketosis, the goal is to stay in ketosis. You can get knocked out of ketosis by many tricky foods, sauces, drinks, etc. Testing your ketosis regularly will help you to not only determine if you are still in ketosis, but will help you pinpoint the mistake if you fall out of ketosis!

4. Winging your Daily Meals

Planning Keto MealsIt’s no secret that the first few weeks of the Keto Diet will be difficult. This is not an easy diet, but your hard work will show you amazing results in a short amount of time! By not following a meal plan, you are setting yourself up for failure. You will want to have a plan in place, to help your decision-making as you battle carbohydrate deprivation and the keto flu. You will also be learning new recipes, and won’t have the easy fall-backs that you have been able to use in the past (a quick pasta dinner was just so easy to use!). By having a month’s worth of recipes, daily calories and macros, and a concrete plan in place, you will take the guessing game out of Keto! Without having to calculate what calories and macros you have left, or having to look up the nutritional info of foods, you will be able to focus on the benefits of your diet, and your personal wellbeing.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water

how much water should I drink on keto

This seems so simple, but it is such a common mistake! First, many of us aren’t drinking enough water each day. Depending on the source, research dictates that we should be drinking between 9 and 15 glasses per day!!  On top of this, as your body switches its way of functioning to ketosis, it will release any and all water that your body has been storing. You will need to make this up, plus continue to drink enough to keep yourself hydrated. Remember, if you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated! Dehydration can cause some nasty side effects, like headaches and feeling hungry, and can cause a stall in weight loss. A good rule to follow is: Drink another glass of water.

6. Not Creating a Sustainable Plan

what am I doing wrong, keto diet

With the Keto Diet, you will not only be changing your way of eating, but you will be changing your way of life. Cutting out processed food, sugars, and most carbohydrates will mean re-learning how you think about food, restaurants, social events, and your overall wellbeing. For this reason, it’s essential that you have a plan in place to make the transition as easy as possible. Don’t leave any decisions to chance: plan your meals, plan when you will cook your meals, and plan your daily eating routine.

Make a plan for social scenarios, as well as options other than Happy Hour, to do with the gang. Finally, plan your transition to ketosis and your weight loss goals at a slow pace. Those who jump into the keto diet with a large caloric deficit, and a plan to lose weight rapidly, are not creating a long term plan. Pace yourself, and allow yourself to slowly transition into your new way of life.

For recipes, ideas, and an easier transition into the Keto Diet, check out:

7. Using Uncreditable Sources

keto diet mistakes to avoid

There are so many websites out there that offer Ketogenic Meal Plans and Recipes. Of those sites, many authors have either never practiced the Keto Diet, or are not fully aware of the Ketogenic Diet and what it truly means. Recipes often have products and ingredients that will make you fall out of ketosis as fast as you can eat it! The more information and resources that you acquire, the better prepared you will be to make food decisions, determine if a recipe is keto, and decide which sources are giving you quality information!

Success in a Nutshell

All in all, knowledge, planning, and research is the most important part of being successful. Get your plan together before you start, and plan for a month at a time. This way, as you go through the ups and downs of your new Keto lifestyle,

  • Meal plan, with full recipes
  • Shopping List
  • Supplements
  • Water, water, water
  • A Solid Grasp of Your Goals and Motivations

Some of these products can only be created by you. Others can be obtained through research, vetting of sources, and planning (ex. meal plan, supplements). The final items will need to be purchased by getting to a health food store. You can spend the time, and money to purchase and plan individually, or we can take care of it for you with our Ultimate Keto Diet Guide AND 28-Day Challenge! We’ve gathered trusted facts, recipes, and meal plans for you.

With all the hard work you will do during your Keto Diet, let us make this part easy!


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