Official Review: Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook

Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook Review

Today we are completing a review of the PaleoHacks Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook by Kelsey Ale. An illustrative recipe book of high-fat and low-carb meals for the whole family that claims to be a busy person’s savior and a lazy person’s dream. But do the recipes actually measure up to the expectation? You’re about to find out our thoughts on this Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook.

Slow cookers are normally great for making keto dishes. The Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook contains several healthy recipes that reduce your waistline without adding any stress to your life. The pages of this cookbook pack 80 complete recipes that will surely revamp your slow-cooking experience while still adhering to your Keto diet. Keto meals are those that help the body achieve a state of ketosis by reducing its carbohydrate intake and increasing consumption of healthy fat. This state provides several benefits for the body which will be discussed before getting into the review proper.  If you haven’t yet read our article on How to Start a Keto diet, check it out here.

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Why a Slow Cooker?

When you think of ‘cooking’, you probably conjure images of long grocery lists, chopping lots of ingredients, sauteing, mixing, and a sink full of dirty dishes. But if you could just toss all the ingredients into your slow cooker in the morning and come home to a healthy mind-blowing delicacy, that sounds like the perfect kind of cooking, doesn’t it? The Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook helps you accomplish just that.

We know that it’s a common complaint of busy adults that the evening dinner scramble can be a major headache. Not only is there the pressure to have food on the table after a long day but then the added complications of trying to stick with a nutrition plan that the whole family can benefit from, only adds to the stress of mealtimes. Every recipe inside the Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook uses a slow cooker, reducing cooking down to one simple step. This is great news! A few minutes of prep can result in a Keto-Friendly feast for the entire family to enjoy or an entire week’s lunch meals with just one pot to clean.

Slow cookers are relatively inexpensive kitchen tools (typically less than $30) and well worth the investment when you consider the time-saving services they provide in the kitchen. The slow cooker is a convenient way to get your meals ready, without having to be attentive for the entire process. So even if you don’t have a Slow Cooker already, obtaining one to complete the recipes within the Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook is easily done.

Using your slow cooker means less time at the stove cooking, less time at the sink washing dishes, and more time to do the things you love most. The 80 different tasty recipes ensure that you’ll never be bored with the same Keto-Friendly Meals again. The process of slow-cooking really allows the flavors in the spices to meld with the food and tenderizes meat until it falls off the bone, so you can forget having to sacrifice taste for a timely dinner.

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Recipe Variety With The Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook

It’s hard to believe that with such hearty meals such as Chipotle Chicken Soup, Coconut Curry Chicken, Sweet and Sour Brisket, BBQ Pork Ribs, Chicken Cacciatore, and many others that you can remain in ketosis, but the Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook unlocks the secret to completing this with ease. This Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook breaks through the usual slow cooker line up of using your slow cooker for just soups and stews.

The 80 fat-burning slow cooker recipes are all broken down into 6 sections all designed to help you reach your daily diet requirements. These keto-friendly recipes include everything you can think of; from lunch options like beef sloppy joes, chicken chili, and pork chops, and even has mouth-watering desserts like chocolate custard. That means you’re not just eating healthy food but flavorful delicacies that take your taste buds on adventures.

The first section is one of our favorites as it contains Keto Staples like how to make the best bone broths, ghee, and keto buns. These pages will quickly become earmarked as the important keto staples they are as you use them time and time again. We do say, that the full-size mouth-watering photos complimenting each recipe make choosing your next culinary creation a challenge at times as they all look amazing and it’s hard to choose what to make first.

Perhaps one of the things we love the most about this cookbook is the variety of proteins used in the recipes. Oftentimes recipe books can be very heavy in one type of protein, however, the Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook covers everything from Lamb, Turkey, Shrimp, Pork, Beef, and the ever-versatile Chicken. Make sure the Five Spice Chicken makes your list of the top recipes to try once you receive your book.

On average, the recipes in this book take no longer than 15 minutes to prep and dump into the slow cooker. And that saves the average person-hours of highly involved cooking and attention; time that can be better invested in other things. Also, all the ingredients mentioned in this cookbook are available at typical local grocery stores and supermarkets. Some online stores also provide delivery of these ingredients, so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to tracking down these Keto-Friendly ingredients. Each recipe also includes a very helpful breakdown of the macronutrients, prep & cooking times, as well as the number of servings.

Equipped with this cookbook, you can make meals for your family that will come out as masterpieces whether you need breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, or snack. The majority of the work is completed by the slow-cooker that brightens and expertly melds the flavors of each ingredient you have dumped in. Kelsey Ale delivers a solid Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook with plenty of options.

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About the Author, Kelsey Ale

Kelsey Ale is a top-notch certified Nutritional Therapist based in sunny Santa Monica, California. She is a paleo chef and baker and works with PaleoHacks to produce expert cookbooks designed to fit your diet lifestyle. Kelsey, like many of us, experimented with different diets and protocols and it wasn’t until she started eating delicious vegetables, meats, and organic foods that trigger fat-burning ketosis that she finally felt a dramatic difference. Joint discomfort, digestion inflammation, and extra weight all melted away plus her energy levels became consistent again. Following her recovery, she dived into her passion for teaching people how to make tasty, savory dishes and still lose weight among several other health gains.

Kelsey has authored several cookbooks that all earn high review ratings for their ability to deliver quality, fat-burning Keto Recipes without having to be an expert in the kitchen. Plus if you order directly from the official product page Kelsey includes three (3) additional bonuses to ensure you get the absolute most out of your Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook.

The bonuses include a keto starter guide, a brief but in-depth dive into the keto lifestyle and its many nuances plus tips for staying in ketosis. This guide is extremely helpful in getting off the yo-yo diet cycle and ensures you’re set up to lose stubborn belly fat for good. You also get a special read called Keto Cooking and Shopping which contains priceless tips on the best spots to get the keto ingredients – and at affordable rates. The third bonus is a 7-day meal plan and shopping list.

It’s a week-long program on how to use your slow cooker in the most efficient way possible. You can simply print out the shopping list before you head to your local grocery store instead of having to write anything down. Kelsey truly delivers everything you need to ensure you can successfully whip up delicious Keto Meals with Your Slow Cooker.

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Who Can Benefit from This Cookbook?

This Slow cooker cookbook is ideal for people with busy lifestyles and barely enough time to cook a sumptuous meal. People who have medical or physical conditions that prevent them from engaging in stressful activities can also benefit from a slow cooker since it only requires that you toss the ingredients in and let them cook.

You’ll also find it to be a good read if you’re trying to switch from eating unhealthy processed foods to healthier options like keto meals. The keto recipes in this book are great for those who are trying to slim down while eating tasty, savory meals. The extensive dessert section packs a lot of recipes that are also keto-friendly such as blueberry lemon cake, vanilla maple custard, and mint-chocolate cake. As your body detoxes from unhealthy processed sugars these delectable desserts will ensure you can enjoy wholesome clean sweet treats along your healthful journey.

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Conclusion: Good Buy

The Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook is an excellent choice for everyone interested in a healthy lifestyle. Besides, when you purchase from the official product page you get the book free for a limited time AND one of the best guarantees in the industry, a 100% money-back guarantee on your shipping. This slow cooker cookbook with its combination of recipes, photos, and nutrition information is an outstanding guide to a keto-friendly lifestyle for better health. Plus, with the time-saving cooking style of the slow cooker & ease of preparation; there really is no reason for you not to try this one out!

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