Keto Diet Meals And Supplement Guide For Athletes

Keto Diet Meals And Supplement Guide For Athletes

Keto Diet Meals | Ketosis Breakfast Menu | Keto Athlete Meal Plan | Basic Keto Meals

Ketosis Breakfast Menu No matter, what the field is when you proceed without a solid plan you tend to end up in failure. Same goes with the keto diet. This complete keto diet meals and supplement guide has been crafted by researchers and athletes who have successfully switched to the keto diet.

Some athletes adapted this diet for years and achieved leaner body, excellent performance, whereas, many quit within a few months. The only reason of failure has been the lack of personalized rock-solid keto diet meals plan.

Calculate Your Required Macro-nutrients Before Planning Your Keto Diet Meals

Keto Athlete Meal Plan You may find the calculation troublesome and dull, but it’s essential for the first few weeks. Keto diet will be counteracting everything you have done so far, tracking the nutrients will help you point out where you’re lagging behind and get it corrected. Now, you need to rework your protein, carbohydrate and fat intake and plan your keto diet meals accordingly.

Net Carb Intake (carb – fiber) (5% to 10%): Below 50 grams daily. Later on, you can lower it to 30 grams as well.

Protein Intake (15% to 20%): Within 0.6 to 1 grams per pound of lean mass (body weight – fat). Therefore, protein intake range for a 190-pound athlete with 15% body fat will be 96.9 to 161.5 grams daily.

Lean mass= 190 lbs. – (190×15%) =161.5 lbs. lean mass.

Therefore, 161.5 lbs. x 0.6 g. = 96.9 g.

161.5 lbs. x1 g. = 161.5 g.

If you are unaware of your body fat percentage, use a calorie calculator and multiply the result with 0.15 to 0.20 to define your daily protein intake.

Fat Intake (70% to 75%): Just fill up the rest with fat but, not with polyunsaturated fats.

If you want to gain weight add 500 calories or 55 grams of fat.

If you want to lose weight cut down 200 to 500 calories or 22 to 55 grams of fat.

Plan Your Grocery List

Before you go shopping, just get rid of your secret high-carb stashes (like fruits or underground vegetables). For the next few days, you are going to crave (very badly) for them.

Nuts and seeds (cashew, almond, pumpkin).

Whole eggs.

  Full-fat cheese, cream cheese.

  Beef, bacon, chicken thigh & broth, pork rinds, fatty fish.

♣  Low-carb vegetables.

  Avocado, berries.

♣  Olive oil, heavy cream, salted butter, sour cream.

Things You Should Take Care Of

Make sure you have plenty of water and sodium. Have a cup of broth when feeling too weak.

Lack of sodium, potassium, magnesium can cause keto flu and other side effects. Have plenty of salty food, leafy vegetables, avocado and nuts like almond, pecan, walnuts.

Add a bouillon cube in a cup of hot water with a tablespoon of salted butter in case you are having muscle cramps or headaches.

Keto Workout Supplements

Basic Keto MealsThere are several performance-boosting supplements that are also keto-friendly including beta-alanine, caffeine, creatine monohydrate. Some branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) can lead to glucose production. However, if it’s improving your performance then drink it during the training, but not throughout the entire day. Also, tossing down a few bouillon before your workout would stabilize your sodium and magnesium levels. If you need a post-workout protein shake, make sure it’s a zero-carb one.

Sample Plan of Keto Diet Meals For The Day

Meal Options
Breakfast Fried eggs, bacon and sautéed spinach.
Sugar-free sausage, roasted bell pepper, pepper jack cheese.
Lunch Taco salad of ground beef, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, avocado, sour cream with taco seasoning.
Lettuce wraps including stuffing of bacon, grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, jack cheese and mayonnaise.
Dinner Pork chops with mushroom sauce, steamed asparagus.
Baked salmon with mashed cauliflower, bacon and cheddar cheese.

You need to calculate your macros and figure out the portions of the ingredients of your keto diet meals. With these tips, you can surely make any number of high-fat keto diet snacks. But remember, to check your ketone levels regularly. You need facts and data to ensure your plan is working! Lastly, enjoy your keto diet meals!

Keto Diet Meals | Ketosis Breakfast Menu | Keto Athlete Meal Plan | Basic Keto Meals


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