3 Important Rules That Keto Diet Explained

3 Important Rules That Keto Diet Explained

Keto Diet Explained Rules | Keto Diet Workout Plan | Ketosis Explained Simply | Ketogenic Diet Body

Can you believe a high-fat diet, which is also virtually carb-less can burn your body fat and help lose weight? Sounds like a dream, but you are not in dreamland and this is a reality. Keto diet explained that how it happens.

Keto Diet Explained: How Fat Intake Forces Your Body Burn Fat

Keto Diet Workout Plan As a general rule, the body runs on glucose. Only when the glycogen stores deplete, it turns towards the stored body fat. Keto diet explained eating a low-carb diet create a shortage of glycogen and thus the body starts using the fats for producing energy. This metabolic switch is known as ketosis. It sounds similar to Paleo and Atkins diet, but it is more extreme and strict than those.

Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet

This diet was originally designed to treat epilepsy in children. Ketones improve the generation of new healthy neurons as the old unhealthy neurons die. Further, ketones improve the brain functioning. All these are not possible when the body runs in the carb-burning mode.

Ketosis Explained Simply However, it is more famous among athletes, models, and celebrities for its weight shedding benefits. The stored body carbs can also store water three times of its weight. So when the carbs burn, the body loses a great amount of water, which leads to weight loss.

It lowers the blood insulin level, blood pressure, which are the risk factors for several cardiovascular disorders.

It helps in controlling cancer as well. Generally, the cancer cells run on glucose and they lack the flexibility to switch the fuel, unlike normal cells. Keto diet explained rules how this low-carb diet literally starves the cancerous cells.

Further, it helps the bodybuilders and athletes to retain the lean muscle mass while cutting down the fats. Generally, they follow either cyclical or targeted ketogenic diet.

Is Keto Diet Healthy?

Well, it is appropriate for many people, but not for all. Keeping the body deprived of the carbs creates a considerable amount of stress on the liver and kidney.

In the first few weeks, the keto dieters literally experience fatigues, nausea, gastrointestinal issues, bad bread and so on. These are initial reactions to the ketosis as the body struggles to settle into the fat-burning mode.

You would find many keto diet critics condemning and raising questions about the safety of the diet. Whether you accept it or not, but it definitely has some credibility. For years, it has been successfully used to reduce the seizure frequency in the epileptic children.

Again, too much of ketosis can lead to ketoacidosis. If not treated immediately, you can get into the coma or even worse.

Keto Diet Rules

Keto diet explained a few important rules that you must strictly adhere to;

  1. You must keep your carb-intake below 50 grams a day. In short, you should be drawing 5 to 10% of your required daily calories from the carb.
  2. You should consume only a moderate amount of protein, i.e. draw 25% of your calories should come from protein.
  3. Eat more of good fats. Get 70% calories from your fat intake.

Things To Remember

Ketogenic Diet BodyWatch what you eat. You should not be eating anything that contains starch or carb. It includes processed food, refined oil, underground vegetables, fruits, fruit juice, grains, farmed fish, factory-farmed meat, low-fat products, soy products, soda, sugar or any other artificial sweeteners.

Keto diet explained a guideline that sounds too strict. In fact, many tried keto diet, but then discontinued it for its initial aftermaths. Whether you believe it or not, it is not that boring or impossible to follow it and achieve your health goals. You can get a chest of keto diet recipes online, which even includes desserts.

Keto Diet Explained Rules | Keto Diet Workout Plan | Ketosis Explained Simply | Ketogenic Diet Body


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