High Protein Ketogenic Diet Can Get You Out of Ketosis

High Protein Ketogenic Diet Can Get You Out of Ketosis

High Protein Ketogenic Diet | High Protein Ketosis Diet | Low Carb High Fat Menu | Ketogenic Diet Carbs

Growing up, the body needs proteins because they are muscle-builders.  On a keto diet though, that’s not the case. This is probably the biggest mistake people make while on a ketogenic diet. They do not watch their protein intake. They see protein on the list of recommended foods, they eat lots of proteins. People, listen up! A ketogenic diet is not just LCHF (Low Carbohydrates, High Fat). It is a LOW-carb, MODERATE protein, HIGH fat diet.

The State of Ketosis

What’s the purpose of a ketogenic diet? To get your body in a state of ketosis. When you reach that state, you’ll experience all the benefits it is promising.

How we get our body into that state needs willpower, determination, and discipline. Prayers help too.

Grasping the true essence of a ketogenic diet can help you a lot in reaping all its benefits. That means you need to realize that there are rules to follow.

High Protein Ketosis Diet To get your body into ketosis, the first step is to drastically lower your intake of foods rich in carbohydrates. We all know why the body needs carbohydrates. So that it can be converted into glucose which is the body’s energy supply. By lowering the carbohydrates that the body needs to burn, it will start to burn stored fats so it can still provide you with energy. When stored fats are burned the liver converts them into a by-product called ketones. That’s what we need right there—ketones.

A good amount of ketones present in your blood can get you to the state of ketosis. It is a wonderful feeling to be in that state.

High Protein Ketogenic Diet

Low Carb High Fat Menu A high protein ketogenic diet will not get you to ketosis. You know why? Because the body converts proteins into glucose.  Shocking? Well, that’s a fact. So if you’re wondering why you are not losing weight while on keto, check your protein levels. That may be the culprit.

Honestly, a high protein ketogenic diet is not keto at all. Why would it be? Protein consumption should be moderate. Keto diet is never a high-protein diet. The ketogenic diet ratio is 70% fats, 25% protein and 5% carbohydrates. Shocked again? You should be if your protein intake is more than what is needed.

You may be thinking that grass-fed red meat is recommended in the keto diet because of its protein content. In a way, yes, but the real reason is that red meat (beef) has preferable fat profile and micronutrients.

How Much Protein is Needed

Ketogenic Diet CarbsIdeally, 25% of protein is adequate while on keto. However, this can be adjusted depending on how much you weigh and the amount of physical activity you have. Physically active people like athletes obviously need higher amounts of protein. People who have minimal to zero physical activity (sedentary) require less. There are also other factors to consider like your gender and age.

The body still needs protein because our muscles love them but subjecting yourself to a high protein ketogenic diet cannot give you outstanding results.

Determine Your Body Fat Percentage

Find your body fat percentage to know the ideal amount of protein you need while on a keto diet. You can use tools like calipers and tape measure. There are even free apps that will calculate your body fat percentage. The online body measurement calculator also helps. The most accurate tool, however, is the DEXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) scan. Good news! There are online keto calculators that you can use for free. So, check them out.

In summary, a high protein ketogenic diet will decrease the levels of ketones in your blood. That will defeat the purpose of the keto diet. Watch not just your ketone levels in the blood but your protein level as well.

High Protein Ketogenic Diet | High Protein Ketosis Diet | Low Carb High Fat Menu | Ketogenic Diet Carbs


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