Cyclical Ketogenic Diet for Athletes

What if there was a way that you could eat as many carbs as you like on the weekends and still have the bodybuilding figure that you would love? Sound too good to be true?

The reality is this is possible when you consider a cyclic ketogenic diet, or what others call “carb cycling”. This is essentially a low carbohydrate diet that allows you to load up on carbs intermittently and exercise regularly. This type of diet will help you maximize fat loss and at the same time, allow you to engage in high-intensity exercise.

What is the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet?

Ketogenic Diet Muscle Loss The cyclical ketogenic diet allows you to build muscle and lose fat by strategically eating carbs throughout the week. Essentially, during the weekdays, you limit your carb intake and exercise three days; say Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then, when the weekend comes, you skip exercising and load up on your carbs.

The advantage of loading up on carbs on the weekends is that your body will store some of those carbohydrates in your body, so you can use them as energy for the following week. This helps your body by keeping it from going into starvation mode. The added energy will give you what you need to get through the following week while you’re limiting your carbohydrate intake.

This is quite helpful while you’re on the ketogenic diet because oftentimes, it’s challenging to give up those carbs completely. By the end of the week, most people are ready to have some good old-fashioned carbs and enjoy the foods they love. At the same time, it feels good to know that you’ll be limiting your carbs during the week and burning off what’s your storing.

Following a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

Keto Diet Muscle Gain Health experts assert that you should gradually move into a cyclical ketogenic diet. Take about a week and a half to begin your low-carb diet to get your body into the state of ketosis. Then, you can progress into the cyclical keto diet where you watch your carbs during the week and exercise. Then, on the weekends load up on your carbs and don’t exercise.

This works great for bodybuilders who want to build up muscle, but don’t want to build up fat. Some people will opt for a different variation of the cyclical keto diet, depending on various factors. For example, let’s say you’re a bodybuilder and at the end of the week you are feeling quite sluggish not being able to finish your workouts. If this is the case, then you may want to consider increasing your carb intake in the middle of the week to give your muscle glycogen stores a boost.

How Many Carbs?

Ketogenic Cyclic Diet PlanTo be considered a low-carb diet, some say that you should keep your low carb intake to about 60 grams or less per day. However, this will vary for each person. You may want to start out at a lower amount and increase as necessary. If you’re lacking the energy to do your exercise routines during the week, you may want to increase your intake a little bit. Pay attention and listen to your body, as it usually does a good job letting us know what it needs.

What About Blood Sugar?

If you’re going to do the cyclic ketogenic diet, there will be times when your blood sugar and insulin increase quite a bit. If you are a diabetic or suffer from anything else that has to do with insulin, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor. You always want to err on the side of caution with any diet changes.

Many people have gotten great results using a cyclical ketogenic diet. Bodybuilders have documented excellent results, and you can find many positive result stories online. If you are interested in starting the cyclical ketogenic diet, continue to learn about the keto diet, and consult a healthcare specialist for solid input. It may certainly be your ticket to weight loss and muscle building.


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