In this most recent review, we will determine whether the claims made by UNLOCK YOUR HIP FLEXORS program are valid. The program concentrates on the survival muscles in the body that are missed by most physicians. Most importantly, a lack of understanding of this survival muscle has actually resulted in countless men and women of all ages having to deal with unwanted excess belly fat as well as the frustration of chronic ongoing pain.

In short, a muscle group known as the tight hip flexors are at the core of the body’s physical functioning and have a big impact on mobility and how well the body moves. These muscles are tasked with controlling balance and even our ability to sit, stand and bend over or to reach for things. This is an essential grouping of muscles that simply cannot be ignored. The founder of the program Mike Westerdal shows in detail a series of key moves that will help you to loosen and relax this grouping of muscles known as hip flexors.

Mike is well known as an author who has successfully published on several national best-selling fitness subjects. He is also a personal trainer and has on occasion contributed to an important industry publication known as the Ironman Magazine.

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Correct A Problem Associated With Tight Hips

The very premise of the program we call the UNLOCK YOUR HIP FLEXORS is to correct a problem associated with tight hips. Improperly balanced hip flexor muscles could result in various ongoing health problems. Here is just a list of a few examples.

  • Difficulty sleeping and insomnia
  • Hips that lock up at unexpected moments
  • Poor posture
  • Trouble walking
  • Persistent joint pain in the hips, lower back and legs
  • Lack of energy and sluggishness
  • A compromised immune system and high levels of anxiety
  • Digestive and gastrointestinal problems
  • Circulatory problems
  • Reduced libido and sexual performance issues
  • A lack of energy for exercise, working out and fitness

What is most surprising is that many of these problems can be addressed by simply changing how you approach the tight hip flexor muscles in your body. When these muscles are relaxed and properly managed the whole body benefits. Keep in mind that everything that occurs in the body flows at some point through the hips. As a matter of fact, Mike and others often refer to this muscle group as the most important primal muscle group found within the body.

In short, the hips are tasked with bridging the functioning of the lower and upper body. They are at the very core of movement that occurs within the body each and every day. When the hip flexor muscles are functioning properly, athletes are able to achieve the absolute best in performance and even excess body fat can be eliminated more effectively.

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Hip Flexor Muscles

In addition, when hip flexor muscles are functioning the way that they should, sexual health is improved and an overall sense of vigor, clarity and energy is experienced. Something as simple as sitting too much during the day can have a profound negative effect on this important muscle group. It is a little-known secret that sitting for extended periods of time throughout the day along with improper sleep posture and other similar things in life that increase stress can seriously impact one of the most important key muscle groups in the body.

With chronic obesity being seen throughout the country, more people than ever before have what is commonly referred to as a bulging belly. This is a major concern and a serious issue when it comes to long-term health. What is not widely understood is that a bulging belly is not caused by weakened or nonfunctioning abdominal muscles. It is caused as a result of tight or stressed hip flexor muscles that are out of balance. The end result is that the lower back is curved unnaturally and as such pushes the stomach outward.

Reducing Stress Can Improve Overall Health

Keep in mind that constant exposure to stress causes muscles in the core of the body to remain tense and tight. This also affects the hip flexor muscles in a negative way. That is why reducing stress can improve the overall health of this essential muscle group. One important distinction that should be made with regard to the UNLOCK YOUR HIP FLEXORS program is that simply stretching alone is not enough. The solution involves more than just flexing when it comes to tight hip flexor muscles.

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It’s hard to address the issue of improperly maintained hip flexor muscles because these muscles are located deep within the core of the body making it harder to reach. Simply stated, static stretching is not enough. The UNLOCK YOUR HIP FLEXORS explains how to properly stretch and exercise this important muscle group. Stability exercises, dynamic stretching and a number of other types of mobility exercises are the key to success.

Loosening what is possibly one of the most important muscle groups in the body can actually be easy when following a simple yet little-known routine or flow method. That said this unique set of exercises offered by the UNLOCK YOUR HIP FLEXORS must be done in the right order to achieve the best results. This muscle group must be treated carefully so that the problem can be fixed and greater levels of overall health and wellness can be enjoyed. Done effectively, the program helps to activate the body’s natural healing process while improving flexibility and adding long-term vitality, strength and endurance.

In reviewing the UNLOCK YOUR HIP FLEXORS program we have determined that this is a viable solution that can help people unlock their hip flexor muscles. It is an easy to use program that results in improved health, greater levels of strength and more energy throughout the day. The program includes a DVD video as well as other instructional material and a very detailed manual. The program also comes with two important bonus packages on how to improve the health of your hamstrings and how to become involved with an anti-inflammatory diet.

In conducting this review we have concluded that there is genuine value in this important program that should not be dismissed or overlooked for those seeking improved health and wellness.

Visit the Official Product Page and explore all that this amazing program makes possible.

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