THE BETTER THAN COFFEE ENERGY BARS Review – Does it Really Surpass Coffee?

Understanding The Better Than Coffee Energy Bars and the Keto Diet

Better Than Coffee Energy Bars are unique and tasty treats that was the inspiration of Valerie, someone with a deep understanding of energy drinks. Having worked for years in the corporate “information technology” sector, she not only experienced a wide variety of different types of energy drinks but also worked shoulder to shoulder with others who frequently used energy drinks as a way to make it through the day. Consequently, Valerie came to the realization that there was likely a healthier alternative for those looking for energy while on the go. Better Than Coffee was the healthier alternative to energy drinks that evolved out of her search. It is an innovative and unique product in many ways.

In fact, Valerie was so dedicated to finding a healthier alternative for her own needs and for others in the IT industry that she spent over three years and created literally thousands of homemade bars to come up with the perfect combination. This resulted in a product that produced natural energy that was lasting and that did not result in the typical coffee crash so often associated with energy drinks that are heavily laden with a wide variety of artificial ingredients. Valerie took the challenge to create the perfect energy drink that is healthier and more effective to the next level by partnering with several nutritional experts. She scrutinized each and every ingredient that would ultimately become The Better Than Coffee Energy Bars. After having dismissed untold numbers of recipes she eventually arrived at the bars that are available today. These bars taste really good and offer some important fat burning benefits that should be discussed.

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These bars are incredibly versatile and ideal for breakfast on the go or simply as a snack bar. Eat the bars as a regular nutritional bar, for workouts, or to simply boost caffeine levels when needed. However, these bars go far beyond being simply an average snack bar and in fact work hand-in-hand with the popular and proven effective diet known as the Keto Diet. The bars are amazingly unique. They are not baked and are rich in natural ingredients and high in fiber. They feature caffeine as a key ingredient as well as 5 g of protein and nearly 6 g of fat. These snack bars are an excellent option to eat when participating in the keto diet. Advocates and believers in the ketogenic diet agree that remaining in a state of ketosis while also adding boosts of energy can only serve to further the purpose of this popular type of dieting technique. The Better Than Coffee Energy Bars are a great compliment to fat-burning dieting.

Benefits of the Ketosis Diet

Ketosis has a number of benefits all supported by the experiences and personal stories of countless people. From appetite control to the better management of weight and healthy brain support, these are just a few of the advantages of choosing a ketogenic-type diet. In addition, this diet has been scientifically shown to support better gut health while increasing energy. Considered a high-fat diet that is low in carbs, the keto diet originally came into being in the 1920s. The ketogenic diet creates similar benefits as fasting.

In short, when the body has the option to burn fat rather than carbs as fuel it produces something known as ketones that ultimately are more efficient at burning fat. This eventually results in more balanced body functions and healthier weight. In essence, eating less carbs and a larger amount of healthy fats with moderate levels of protein places the body in a state of ketosis. From a scientific perspective, this means that energy needed by the body is derived from ketones or fat rather than glucose. To put it another way, fat is used as an alternative source of energy by the body rather than carbohydrates. When an individual enters a zone of intense fat burning, weight loss typically occurs in a big way.

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A Purer Form Of Energy Than Coffee – Does It Work?

In this detailed review, we have determined that The Better Than Coffee Energy Bars do indeed work. Those using the product report that it provides more invigorating energy that is far superior to the energy from a simple cup of coffee or the usual energy drink. Consumers credit the bars with delivering more mental clarity that can easily last up to several hours. All without a crash like other caffeine-based products. The product comes in four different flavors and is even gluten-free. Who could resist

Pros and Cons of The Better Than Coffee Energy Bars


  • GMO and gluten-free
  • Vegan and certified kosher
  • Dairy and soy free
  • Offered in four delicious flavors


  • Contains up to 100mg of caffeine that may be a lot for those sensitive to caffeine. Those sensitive to caffeine may wish to start with half a bar.
  • May not be suitable for people with certain types of food allergies
  • Not recommended for pregnant women or children
  • Results may vary, the product is plant-based

Visit the Official Better Than Cofee Energy Bars Product Page

Final Review Results and Recommendations

The Better Than Coffee Energy Bars is a unique product. It has a lot to offer the keto diet. Through extensive reviewing, we have concluded that the product indeed performs as advertised. The Better Than Coffee Energy Bars use plant-based secrete weapons. Maca and Guarana complement the different types of keto diets. The two primary plant-based ingredients grow in South America. Guarana has been the source of energy and stamina for natives in South American countries for years. The plant offers a quick and healthy boost of naturally occurring plant-based caffeine. In addition, scientific studies have shown maca to mitigate the effects of stress. All while enhancing physical energy and mental clarity without side effects.

As an ending note, these bars do not replace a healthy diet. They are simply an energy supplement. Eating the correct keto diet and enjoying Better Than Coffee Energy bars will see best results. Ultimately enjoying greater levels of energy while losing weight and feeling better has never been easier.  The product is a viable and real alternative to energy drinks. It works perfectly well when combined with the keto diet to burn fat and lose weight. All in a more effective and reliable way.

Visit the Official Better Than Cofee Energy Bars Product Page


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