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We know you put your heart and soul in writing an article. So, we hope this guide will make things more clear and spare you some headache.  


All article submissions MUST comply with the following:
1. Original Content
All articles get routinely scanned through Google Search and CopyScape. Grounds for rejection:

a.  Article has already been published somewhere else b.  “Spun” articles c.  Previously published articles, but currently unpublished d.  Stolen articles from another author e.  Articles unfit for our audience

2. Helpful Content works Best with our audience is a community resource on Ketogenic Diet. We’ve found that Keto Diet tips, helpful guides, Keto-friendly recipes and product reviews is best perceived by our readers. Grounds for rejection:

a.  Article’s primary goal is to promote a person, brand or a website b.  Long but not really helpful articles

3. Ready to publish?
Please utilize your friends and family to proof-read your article. Correct grammar, facts, formatting, and flow – all are essential for a successful article submission. Grounds for rejection:

a.  Articles that will require substantial editing or re-writing b.  Articles without a clear flow of ideas


We will consider all writing styles, as our primary focus is on proving top quality content for our readers.
1. Great Flow

a.  Paragraphs are easier to read than a block of text b.  Images support and break up continuous text (we have an Abdobe Stock account for additional images if necessary)

2. Optimal Formatting
Appropriate use of Headings, Subheadings and bulleted lists make content easy to read or skim through.
3. Personal Tone
Personal tone engages the reader and builds trust.
4. Keep it simple!
Simple sentence structure engages a larger reading audience.

a.  Write like you’re speaking to a 10 year old b.  Break complex sentences into several simpler ones c.  No need to impress someone with big words. d.  Be yourself!

5. TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) Include a short summary/introduction to your article for those who don’t have time to read the full article.
6. Review and Add Value
Make sure that it will add value to our readers. Can you imagine whom and how will benefit from reading your article?
7. Would you read this article?
Before submitting your article, ask yourself “Would I read this article?”. If you’ve answered yes, hit send! All applications must be submitted here. You’re done! We look forward to reviewing your article.
PS. You can get some cool ideas from our current Contributor Writers. Check out their work!

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